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Jun 02, 2022
In Testimonials
I would recommend to anybody to say YES to Mrs. Sharpe! My actions toward my wife had left me with tremendous guilt which was impacting our marriage. After months of therapy did nothing to assuage the guilt feelings we decided to go the professional disciplinarian route. After much research and Miss Chris’s recommendation, we settled on Mrs. Sharpe for my first punishment session. she did not disappoint. She took the time to understand the cause of my guilt and what would help me move forward. I scheduled an appointment and was more than a little nervous when the day arrived. Mrs. Sharpe made the effort to make conversation which helped put me at ease. She has a gleam in her eyes, is witty, intelligent and caring……and she has a very strong right arm. Once we began, she took me over her knee and proceeded to lay into my bare bottom with her hand. Who knew a hand could make such a solid impact? I do NOW. She seemed to never tire and the spanking went on for several minutes. Then, she moved on to several of her vast array of implements. She blistered my backside with a couple of different straps and moved on to her “Mrs. Sharpe Disciplinarian” paddle. That hurt like the dickens. After another dose of the strap, she finished me off with that dreaded hairbrush shown on her photos page. Wow! She can really make that thing hurt. Once we were finished, I was left with a well punished, bruised, and bright red bottom. She seemed to know exactly what I needed to help me move on from the guilt that consumed me. I feel fortunate to have met Mrs. Sharpe and will be back for additional work. Sorry for the length of this testimonial, but I can‘t emphasize ENOUGH that if you are considering a pro Disciplinarian, say YES to MRS. SHARPE!


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